Teen Crane Operator Rescues 14 People From Burning Building

Quick thinking saves lives as a young worker maneuvers his crane to let people escape a fire at an apartment block.



The teenager drove the crane from a nearby construction site to the fire which broke out in a seven-storey block of flats in Fushun city, Liaoning province.

“At the time, the fire and smoke were very, very close to them. My first reaction was to rescue this woman and her child,” Lan Junze told state broadcaster CCTV.




Footage shows the crane operator rescuing people from a burning apartment building. Lan Junze, 19, was working nearby when he heard screams from a building that had caught fire. Thanks to Junze’s quick thinking and skill with his machine, 14 people were saved from the fire that started in a first-floor shop and spread to the apartments above.

One of the residents, Mang Shengjun, said he would have jumped if the crane had not turned up.




Local media said one person died in the fire on May 2.

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