Confused Cat Attacks Owner After She PopOut Of Suitcase

This cat owner was left with scratches all over her face and legs after she tried to fit herself in her suitcase.



Anna Colarusso, 21, from Lagrangeville, New York, was left with bloody gashes on her face after cat Sam sliced her face with his claws.




The seven-year-old feline pounced on the kennel worker after being startled when she popped out of the case. He stalked her around the living room for nearly a full minute, hissing and clawing at her as she screamed and tried to defend herself.

She said she tried to get in the case to prove to her boyfriend she could fit inside.




Ms Colarusso posted the video on Twitter, where it attracted more than 150,000 views. She added: ‘I was shook and so was my mom and brother, but the cat calmed down and slept with me on that same night.’

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