Huge Humpback Whale Leaps Out Of Sea Right Next To Fishing Boat

The fisherman witnessed the giant humpback leaping out of the depths, incredibly close to his boat, Baja Sueno.



“It was quite exciting! Salmon season coincides with the time when humpbacks are returning to Monterey Bay to feed for the summer and there were hundreds of boats on the bay fishing,” 60-year-old photographer Douglas Croft said in an interview.




Croft, who was on a separate boat with videographer Kate Cummings, said the breach showed the enormous size of the whale. He did not give an estimate of its size, only going so far as to describe it as “huge” and saying that if he had been the fisherman on the boat, “I’d probably need some new underwear.”

The incredible video, taken by Cummings, show a humpback whale breaching from the Pacific Ocean and narrowly missing a fishing boat Monterey Bay, Calif., before returning to the sea.




Cummings, who took a video of the remarkable breach, said that the whale had breached a few times before she captured the footage.

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