Driver Leaves Repair Shop, Immediately Realizes They Disabled Her Brakes

As things go, breaking a car’s breaks seems like a cardinal sin for a mechanic.



The woman brought her car in to be repaired at a shop in Tambov, Russia. Her dashcam captures the moment her car is reversed out of the shop when the repairs have supposedly been completed.

But rather than stopping when she applies the breaks, the car just keeps on rolling down the hill. A confused car mechanic seems not to notice what is happening until it is too late.




Just seconds later the car skids down a bank and sinks in to a river as the woman inside screams for help.

As the video ends the woman can be heard moving around in the water that is starting to enter the car. The vehicle floats towards the middle of the river as the mechanic jumps in trying to rescue the driver.




It is not known what happened to the car or the woman after the video was captured.

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