The Moment A Train Operator Accidentally Plays P0rn Over The Loud Speakers

Uh, whatever you are doing there, buddy, it doesn’t seem very safe for everyone on board.



A train driver allegedly spiced up some commuters’ journey to work by ‘accidentally playing p0rn over the tannoy system.’

Video footage shows passengers on a South Western Railway train howling with laughter as they hear the sounds of hardcore p0rnography over the loud speaker. A man’s voice can be heard groaning and panting in the video as he intermittently swears with furious intensity.




According to witnesses, it appeared the sounds were coming from a video they claimed the driver could have been watching.

One passenger in the video cannot contain her laughter and maintains a prolonged facepalm.




Bouts of laughter can be heard throughout the carriage for the entire 30-second video.

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