The Unluckiest Pigeon In The World Gets Beamed By A Line Drive

The crowd at this youth baseball game watched in horror as an unlucky bird accidentally got int the way of a line drive and met its maker.



As Kim Amigh watched her son Jared take to the diamond in Concord, California, on May 8, little did she expect the feathery drama about to unfold.




As the pitch flies towards him, the 18-year-old catches it well and hits it towards the outfield, initially sending the crowd wild.

Those cheers quickly are stifled as an unsuspecting pigeon lands on the field and straight into the path of the ball, with the impact throwing feathers into the air.




Kim said: “Unfortunately the pigeon didn’t survive. A dead ball was called, so Jared had to go back to home base. Fortunately, it didn’t affect the game as his team went on to win.”

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