Man Banned For Life From Gym For Masturbating Near Squatting Woman

A man has been banned for life from going to Virgin gyms for masturbating while watching a woman doing squats.



Yes, you read that right. A real grown man thought it was appropriate to touch himself in the middle of a public space, when a woman was just trying to exercise.

The scene was filmed by another gym member, who was rightfully shocked and disgusted to see this horrific behaviour.




In the video, which is a bit too grim to publish, a blonde guy can be sitting on a mat, with his phone in his right hand.

His left hand is down his shorts with a towel over it moving up and down… I don’t need to spell it out to you do I? I’m sure you get the idea.

The clip then shows a woman wearing tight gym leggings and doing squats in front of him.




The video was posted onto social media with the caption: “I want this man’s face to go viral. This was at the Virgin Active in Stellenbosch @virginactiveSA. Absolutely abysmal behaviour.”

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