Enjoy This Guy’s Delayed Reaction To Realizing A Billionaire Is Paying Off Everyone’s Student Loans

Billionaire Robert F. Smith gave the commencement address at HBCU Morehouse College in Atlanta this weekend and imparted a whole lot more than congratulations and life advice to the graduating class: he told them he’s paying off their student loan bills as well.



It was a great moment, but it was so out of the blue that it took the audience a little bit to catch up with Smith — in particular the guy in the bottom left of the video, who goes on quite a journey.




This was huge news for grads, many of whom were leaving school with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. It was also an enormous surprise for everyone, including one attendee whose shocked reaction is the best part of this video.




Smith’s stunning, unplanned announcement Sunday that he would be paying off the student loans of all the nearly 400 graduating Morehouse students ripped through the nation, lighting up social media and creating a legion of grateful parents and alumni.

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