Passenger Lights A Cigarette During US Flight

A passenger on board a plane was seen brazenly lighting up a cigarette before sitting back to relax mid-flight to the surprise of his fellow passengers.



The man was travelling to Minnesota, US, on a morning flight when he took the cig break which a woman sat next to him caught on camera.

The video shows the man taking out the cig before popping it in his mouth, lighting it and sitting back to get comfortable.




For anyone wondering why we’re writing about this – smoking on a plane is illegal and a complete ban has been in place since 2000. But, surely there’s no one that didn’t know that. Well, apart from this guy. Obviously.

A man across the aisle from Smokey-McGee can be seen double taking when he spots his fellow traveller lighting up. Presumably shocked, he looks around him for assistance before pressing the buzzer above his head.




According to the person who took the video: “The attendant put the cigarette out on the tray and took his boarding pass. He didn’t have any other issues, and when we landed, the airport police took him off the flight first.”

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