Tesla autopilot avoids crashing with rabbit

A self-driving Tesla swerved to avoid hitting a road-crossing rabbit en route from Miami, Florida, to Tampa. Impressively, the sports car’s autopilot sensors were able to spot the small woodland creature.



At a presentation about Tesla’s latest self-driving and computer vision capability last month, Tesla Sr. Director of AI Andrej Karpathy said that they are currently working to identify and react to corner case scenarios that vehicles encounter on the roads.

Karpathy says that they are pooling a lot of different rare events from their entire fleet of vehicles equipped with cameras in order to teach their Autopilot system to react to them.




A Tesla owner shared a dashcam video of his vehicle stopping in front of a rabbit on the road and he claims Tesla Autopilot saw the animal and initiated the maneuver to avoid hitting it.

The owner said that the incident happened last month with his Tesla Model S on Autopilot with the ‘2019.8.5(6)’ software update in Florida during the early hours of the morning.

He claims that the Autopilot reacted to the rabbit before he could by both applying the brakes and turning to the right as seen on the video.




Recently, we have noticed an increase in Tesla owners reporting Autopilot doing impressing maneuvers to save them from accidents.

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