Baboons take a leisurely dip in this guy’s pool

This hotel owner in Betty’s Bay, South Africa, captured cute video of a pair of baboons taking a swim in the pool.



Garth Bradley, 50, was sitting in his office when he noticed an alpha male baboon and a younger baboon frolicking in the resort’s oceanside wading pool.




The pair of baboons have been caught on camera monkeying around in a pool.
The duo were seen by Garth Bradley, 50, through the window of his home in South Africa.

The baboons are seen diving in and out of the water, with scenes resembling young children playing poolside.




One of the two primates lounges by the pool and takes sporadic sips of water during the video.  They are also seen splashing each other throughout the 54-second footage.

Mr Bradley said it was common for baboons to visit his home.

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