Driver Hops Out Of His Car Into An Unmanned Truck To Stop It From Barreling Down The Highway

The truck continues down the road for over 600 feet after he pulled the brake.


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A heroic car driver jumped into a driveless lorry to stop it from sliding down a highway in eastern China.




The terrifying video, filmed in Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province on May 22, shows a driverless lorry sliding down the highway on the wrong side of the road.

A car driver driving past stopped his vehicle and ran to hold the door of the lorry before jumping into it to stop it. After the car driver pulled the brake, the lorry carried on moving for more than 200 metres before finally stopping in the middle of the road.




The lorry driver named Guo said he stopped the vehicle to check after he felt it had something wrong. Guo forgot the section of the highway was downhill and the lorry started to slide down.

Guo was run over by the lorry and suffered fractures after he placed planks of wood under the front wheels whilst lying underneath the vehicle.

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