A Side-By-Side Illustration Of How Much Faster Formula 1 Pit Stops Have Gotten Since 1981

At some point between 1981 and 2019, F1 teams realized that a 3-second pit stop is a whole lot better than a 25-second pit stop:



Formula 1 has come a long way over the past 40 years or so, with technology allowing for so many advancements within the sport. However, what about the engineers? Here, we see the radical time difference between a pit stop undertaken in 1981, to 2019.




In the 38 years between the two, pit crews have managed to shave around twenty seconds off the time of a tire change. Of course that 1981 pitstop probably would have been significantly faster if the crew chief didn’t lean in for so many kisses.




Whoever figured this out first probably won a lot of races. The only sad thing here is that racers don’t get kisses anymore.

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