Millionaire Saw Boy Doing Homework Under Street Lamp, Offers to Rebuild His Home

11-year-old Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba went viral in Peru after he was pictured doing homework under the streetlamp. He had no electricity at home.



5% of the population can’t afford electricity in the town of Moche. The mother said her son could use a candle at home, but he often finishes his work on a sidewalk because his neck would stiffen up from constantly having to tilt his head.




Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, 31, from Bahrain, pledged to rebuild his house making it two storeys high, Tubarco reports . He has already restored electricity to the house, the paper said, inspired to do it because he had a similar childhood himself. As well as helping just Víctor, he has also pledged money to help the boy’s school.

According to Diarrio Correo, the boy said: ‘Thank you for the help you are offering, thank you very much because you are helping us to build our school’.




The paper quoted his mother saying: ‘He kept thinking, “How can people from another continent come to see me?” ‘I thank the people who want to do this to me (build my house) I thank them very much that they have had that kindness and they have given time to come to my humble home, because anyone does not do it’.

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