Politician With 9 Family Members Cries After Getting 5 Votes During Live-Counting

Amid all the joy and tears around the election results in India, a video of a candidate weeping because he has more family members than the votes he got went viral.



The video shows Jalandhar candidate Neetu Shutteran Wala tearing up on getting just five votes which is fewer than the nine members of his family.




Reporter: we have with us an Independent candidate Neetu Shutteran Wala (turns to Wala) so only five people voted for you?

Shutteran Wala: Sir, despite having nine members in the family, I got only five votes.

Reporter: That means even your family members haven’t voted for you.

Shutteran Wala: No sir, I think the fraud happened in the voting process.

Later, it turns out the reporter had been too zealous in reporting the counts as they came through.




As per Election Commission, 856 people voted for him in the final tally and the end of the live-count. Neetu was 19th on the overall list of candidates.

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