Matador Suffers Ten-Inch Wound After Being Gored Up The Bum By Raging Bull

A French matador was left with a ten-inch wound after a raging fighting bull charged towards him and gored him right up the bum.



There’s no denying bullfighting is a dangerous game. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to rile up the innocent animals and then get in close proximity to them and their massive horns – it’s just an accident waiting to happen, as matador Juan Lean learned the hard way.




The 26-year-old was performing at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid as part of the San Isidro bullfighting festival.

He was taunting the bull with his red cape when the animal suddenly wedged its horn up the matador’s backside and threw him into the air, resulting in gasps and screams from the crowd.




Two men rushed into the ring to distract the bull, and Lean managed to escape the distressed animal. He carried on with his performance after the incident, but blood was clearly visible on his white trousers.

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