Monkey Wees In Window Of Dad Who Laughed At His Penis

A dad was made to regret making fun of a monkey’s penis when the animal took a wee through the window of his car.



38-year-old Martin Chapman was visiting Knowsley Safari Park earlier this month, and anyone who’s ever taken a trip there will know the monkeys are not to be messed with.




He was driving through the enclosure with wife Jenny and two of their children, and the family were left in hysterics when the monkey took a shining to them and decided to poke his penis through the small gap in the window.

Presumably, laughing just wasn’t enough for Martin when it came to mocking the monkey, and so the dad decided to give the animal’s willy a little poke with his finger.




But the monkey wasn’t having any of it, and started weeing directly through the window into Martin’s car and all over the shocked man’s legs.

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