CCTV Footage Shows Woman Barely Escaped Assault By Seconds

The woman had an automated lock which locked as soon as she closed it. She then called the police.



The footage lasts for about 10 minutes. Another footage shows that he’s looking for fingerprints/smudges on the lock to figure out the entry code.




This happened on 6:20am 28th May, 2019 at an apartment complex in Sillim-dong, South Korea. The CCTV footage is widely circulated on SNS.

According to Naver, the man was arrested on the 29th May. Currently, he’s only been charged with forcible entry, which is considered a burglary charge. The guysaid he was drunk so he followed the woman but didn’t have any bad intentions.




A spoke-person from Gwangyang Police Station said, “to apply for rape charges, there needs to be violence or threat, but it is difficult to confirm just base on the footage.”

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