Cyclist Slams Ute Driver For Overtaking Then Braking Hard Causing Group To Fall Over

Ever since the introduction of cheap, easy-to-use dash cams, people have been backing themselves more confidently in times of a road accident.



Whether they’re funny attempts to claim insurance or serious incidents where the culprit needs to be identified, these little cameras can be lifesavers.




A cyclist has claimed a ute overtook the group he was in during a ride in Victoria and then braked suddenly before turning, causing some in his group to fall over. One person in the group uploaded the footage, using their Cycliq camera, hoping to shame the driver. But it doesn’t seem like he’s getting the support on social media that he might have been expecting.

Cycliq uploaded the footage onto their Facebook page, with a caption: “When a cyclist is an idiot, a car gets delayed. When a driver is an idiot, someone gets hurt… This idiot expressed his inner idiot by overtaking and brake checking these cyclists, and people end up on the ground.”




The post has been met with hundreds of angry responses, saying it was the cyclist’s fault for their predicament.

“If they were riding in a single file there wouldn’t be absolutely any problem,” wrote one person.

“If the driver brake checked them, then how come the two lead cyclists managed to not stack it? Not to mention the fact that the driver had his indicator on as well as a whole 7 seconds going by before he turned after making the pass,” said another.