Shark Circles Unsuspecting Swimmer On Florida Beach

Eventually, other beachgoers at Panama City Beach noticed the shark and yelled at the swimmer to get the hell out of Dodge.



Stan Battles was vacationing at Panama City Beach when he saw the shark swimming in sea grass from the 28th-floor of a condo. He took his phone out and recorded the terrifying moment.

In the video, the woman is seen enjoying the water when the shark swims out of the sea grass. Battles is heard saying that ‘whatever it is, it’s following right under her’.




The shark is then seen swimming just a few feet away from the woman before beachgoers are heard shouting: ‘Shark! Shark!’

As the people on shore yell to alert the woman of danger, the shark turns directly in her path. Once the woman realizes what the people are saying, she starts to swim in the opposite direction toward the shore.




The shark is then seen swimming back into the ocean as the woman makes it safely to shore.

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