You Won’t Believe What This Woman Does Next When A Thief Points A Gun At Her Face

A team of thieves didn’t know they had messed with the wrong woman.



A man who pulled his gun to rob a woman met with fierce resistance.

The woman was in front of her home in B colony of Indira Nagar in Lucknow in northern India on May 29 when two bikers tried to rob her.




The masked pillion rider approached her and asked her to hand over her chain brandishing his pistol.

The woman resisted and hit him with her hands making him retreat immediately. She even chased him as he scrambled to get on to the bike and drive away with his partner.




Indira Nagar police have registered a complaint and are looking for suspects.

Although her courage is admirable, I won’t suggest anyone to fight back. She was lucky the thief didn’t shoot her.

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