Boxer Terriers Chase Off Armed Robbers Who Put Gun To Owner’s Head

Man’s best friends saves the day once again – and this time they foiled an armed robbery.



CCTV caught the very moment a man, unnamed, was held at gunpoint in Buenos Aires neighbourhood, Quilmes. He appeared to be clearing out his white SUV outside of his home when plainly-dressed robbers calmly approached behind him.

In the terrifying ordeal, the man was grabbed from behind and a gun was put to his head.




The footage shows the victim struggling in a chokehold before his two boxer terriers sprung into action, preventing the daylight robbery.

Without hesitation, the pooches leaped out of the vehicle before chasing the thugs down the street. The devoted boxer terriers clearly startled the men, who quickly let go of the owner before making a hurried getaway.




As the petrified robbers fled the scene, one gunman turns to fire shots at one of the heroic boxer terriers – although, thankfully the gunman missed.

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