Hero Knocked Out Saving Two-Year-Old Child Falling From Fifth Floor

A heroic man from northwest China managed to save the life of a toddler who fell from a window, knocking himself out in the process.



28-year-old Tonik Turghanbek saw the child tumbling from a fifth floor window of an apartment building and leapt from his car to cushion the fall in the nick of time.




Heart-stopping security camera footage from the Renhe Residential District in Yining shows Tonik with his arms outstretched, ready to catch the two-year-old boy. He was knocked to the ground by the falling child, and was left unconscious.

The footage then goes on to show Tonik coming round mere moments later, lifting his head as he regains consciousness. Witnesses can then be seen coming to check on Tonik and the young boy.




Tonik, who had been parking his car next to the apartment tower when he caught sight of the boy, fortunately escaped with some scratches and abrasions to his head. The child has also thankfully not suffered any severe injuries, and has been taken to hospital for a health check.

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