A 74 Elderly Woman Spins Wildly In Windy Helicopter Rescue

The woman, 74, was put into a basket to be hoisted into the helicopter but it began dramatically spinning out of control as she was winched into the air.



Video shows the basket spiralling at astonishing speed. Authorities say the woman was left feeling ‘nauseous and dizzy’ but thankfully suffered ‘no ill effects from the spin’.




Phoenix Fire Captain Bobby Dubnow told local reporters: ‘Reports from the hospital are that she had no ill effects from the spin.’

Pilot Paul Apolinar said that in the last six years, the department has performed 210 mountain rescues, plus hundreds more in training, in similar situations, and he had only witnessed the spinning happen twice. He said: ‘Sometimes if we’re in a canyon, it’s a strong windy day, it will spin on us. ‘It’s not something that happens very often, but sometimes it just does. And when it does, we’re trained to take care of it.’




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