Little Kid Calls Out Plane Passenger With Feet On His Seat

Picture the scene: you’re travelling on a plane, a bit moody because you’re tired and sitting in cramped conditions, when all of a sudden you feel something prodding you.



Turning around to see what it is, you spot a foot. Not your own foot, which is still stuck under your own seat, but the foot of the person sitting behind you. Then, to make matters worse, you notice the foot is bare. Now what do you do?

This little boy has gone viral recently because of how he handled the situation. After realising a bare foot was placed on his arm rest, the boy hilariously called out its owner.




In a post which has since gone viral on the little boy’s dad’s Facebook account, he can be seen looking at the camera with a cheeky look on his face, before announcing: ‘I’ve got stinky feet behind me’.

Not being shy about the matter (because why would he be?), the four-year-old boy – Rodney Small – turns to face the offending person and shouts, ‘I have your feet behind me, I have your feet behind me’.




Incredible. The footage cuts off at that point, leaving us in the dark about what happened next and whether the owner of the foot moved the offending appendage.

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