Cheeky monkey pulls down tourist’s dress

Posing for pictures with a monkey went horribly wrong for this tourist.


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Sarah Wijohn, 21, was posing for pictures with the primate during a trip to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia, when things got a little bit out of hand.

She had travelled to the country from New Zealand to celebrate her 21st birthday.




Footage recorded by a member of the family shows Sarah beaming and tilting her head from side to side as the mischievous Balinese long-tailed monkey clambers onto her lap.

As she continued to strike a pose for Instagram, the monkey appeared to be more interested in a distant object. But then, with no warning, it turns and yanks down her black dress – exposing her bra to the elements.




Onlookers gasped in shock, as Sarah stayed completely still, before everyone burst into laughter.

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