Mom uses ninja-like moves to sneak out of child’s bedroom

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to avoid waking someone up, but this mom is taking quiet to the next level.



Hilarious footage shows a mom moving like a ninja as she tries to sneak out of her son’s bedroom without waking him – only for him to rise five minutes later.




Lauren Chamides, from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, knows every creaky floorboard in the family’s home, but especially in five-year-old son Hayden’s room. Because her boy is a light sleeper, she has learned to stealthily creep out of his room in the dark – avoiding objects and noisy parts of the floor as she goes.

The nanny cam footage shows the 36-year-old’s escape before closing his bedroom door. However, just five minutes later, Hayden can be seen stirring before leaving his bed and heading downstairs during the clip, taken on May 23.




The boy’s father, Chad Chamides, was watching the whole incident unfold after noticing his wife’s odd movements on the monitor.

He said: ‘Each night, my wife puts our son to sleep. He likes to sleep in our bed, so we have to stay with him until he falls asleep in his own bed instead.

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