Tokyo Has A Huge Problem With Perverts On Public Transportation And The Police Want Women To Fight Back!

On June 5, social networking site Vocativ released a shocking video about sexual harassment in the subway in Japan. The video was posted on Twitter with the title: “Tokyo has a big problem with perverts in public, and the police want women to fight back!”.



Video clip shows shocking sexual harassment moments in the subway. It has received nearly 100,000 support and about 3,000 comments on Twtter.




Japanese are known for being respectful and peace-loving people, but they rarely help when someone is being harassed, especially in public transport. These perverts are called “Chikan” by Japanese society. The issue has become a painful problem for the country.

This problem is so serious that the authorities have created mobile applications that can announce when someone is being harassed. The victim can activate the application so that the phone gives a loud scream or message on the screen that asks others for help.




The app called Digi Police is especially useful for shy women who can not dare ask for help – an object that easily becomes the target of perverts.

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