Helicopter Spotted Nose Diving Before Crashing In NYC, Killing One

A helicopter involved in the New York crash was seen flying erratically moments before it smashed onto a skyscraper in Manhattan.


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The helicopter was spotted nose diving above river shortly before crashing on a building’s roof in New York City. Emergency crews responded to the incident at 787 Seventh Ave. Smoke was seen billowing from the top of the 51-story building.




Eyewitnesses watched in horror as the helicopter took a series of nose dives and shocking movements. It was flying in heavy rain in air space that is supposed to be off-limits.

The footage, shared by Twitter user Wendy, has been re-posted hundreds of times following the incident. At least one person, the helicopter pilot, has died after the crash in Manhattan – close to both Times Square and Central Park.




Authorities said the helicopter took off from a pad on the East River and was in the air for about 11 minutes before it crashed.

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