Band plays Titanic theme song as shopping centre floods

The rain in Mexico has been so relentless that water started pouring through the ceiling at this shopping centre.


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People fled for cover on higher ground as water cascaded down and flooded shops on the bottom floor.

It was like a scene from Titanic, so fittingly, a band started playing some Celine Dion in honour of the chaos.




The fearless musicians had been hired to play and they were not going to let a bit of water interrupt their set.

A guy on clarinet kicked off a rendition of the classic My Heart Will Go On and he was soon backed up by his mate on piano.

There was no sign of Kate and Leo but it did keep the shoppers entertained as they watched from the balconies overlooking the band’s stage.




It’s believed the hilarious scene was filmed at the Plaza Patria mall in Zapopan, Jalisco, on Sunday.

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