Driver Cuts Off Unmarked Police Car, Immediately Gets Pulled Over

Swerving into the lane of another car and then cutting it off is never a good move, but it’s a particularly bad move when the driver of the other car has the power to give you a ticket.



This driver in Florida probably got the shock of their life after immediately being pulled over by an unmarked police car in Cape Coral.

The following footage captured on dashcam shows a black sedan travelling down a highway and, to most observers, it looks just like any other sedan, but it is in fact an unmarked police car.




Someone driving what appears to be a dark green sedan suddenly flicks on their indicator and starts to move into the left lane without noticing the police car. The two only manage to avoid a collision thanks to the quick-thinking officer, who is able to swerve across to the left and give the other driver enough room to complete the lane change.




It’s rather hilarious to watch inattentive drivers get pulled over like this, and, if you drive frequently, you’ve probably had someone try to merge straight into you just like this driver.

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