Butt-Slapping Championships Is Russia’s New Spanking Sport

Thought you’d seen the weirdest, most wonderful new sport in Russia with the Male Slapping Championships? Meet the ‘Booty Slapping Championships’ – a competition where women strike each other on the backside until one falls over.


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Back in March, a big, bearded, pot-bellied farmer from Siberia named Vasily ‘Dumpling’ became an internet hit when a clip of his brutal knockout to win the inaugural ‘Male Slapping championships’ at the ‘Siberian Power Show’ went viral, being shared by figures from the MMA world such as Joe Rogan.

Now there’s a female version slapping sport that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘bum fights’ – and it’s literally called ‘The Booty Slapping Championships’. The tournament sees fitness freaks from the fairer sex face off against each other to put their flesh to the test and spank each other into submission.




The rules are unsurprisingly simple: the competitors, who all share a keen interest in working out, take it in turns to slap the other on the booty, putting to the test the results of their squat regimes.

The winner is the first to administer a slap hard enough to the other’s behind to knock them off balance, causing them to fall over or step forward, avoiding any serious harm, which is in stark contrast to the men’s version.




One of the tournament’s winners was fitness blogger Anastasia Zolotaya, whose Instagram page includes video demonstrations of strict workout routines, which surely help her achieve buttocks sturdy enough withstand the flogging and win her match.

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