Taxi Driver Appears To ‘Fake Heart Attack’ To Avoid Short Fare

A taxi driver has been sacked after ‘faking a heart attack’ in order to avoid taking a short fare.



Footage has been released showing the driver appearing to take ill before setting off with a passenger outside Sydney Airport.

In the short clip, the driver can be seen clutching his chest and falling to the ground, telling the customer that he is unable to take her to the suburb of Annandale.




According to the woman who filmed the video, the anonymous driver had claimed to have been waiting at the airport for two hours and was upset by the ‘short fare’. He can be heard saying in the clip: “I’m not driving ma’am, I’m not driving. My condition is not well.”

Stunned by his apparent theatrics, the woman then says: “You’re going to have a brilliant, brilliant Oscar award for this.”




The disgruntled passenger sent her footage into news programme A Current Affair. Speaking to the show, 13cabs chief operating officer Stuart Overell confirmed the driver’s log had matched the woman’s claims and he was sacked.

He said: “[The driver] should go and get a career in acting, because cab driving is not in his future.”

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