Cop Caught On Camera Accidentally Tasing Partner In Botched Arrest

You can’t go anywhere without people filming your embarrassing mistakes these days, can you? Dancing like an idiot? Had too much to drink? Someone will capture it and put it on the internet. Accidentally got Tased by your cop mate while you’re trying to arrest someone? Yep. Straight on the ‘Tube.



Sure enough, a camera-wielding person in Miami caught the incredible moment a police officer accidentally stunned his partner during a chaotic and pretty epic fail of an arrest.

Identified only as E. Rodriguez and G. Casiano, the two policemen from the Miami Police Department got involved in a bit of a scuffle with a well known local crack addict while trying to arrest him.




Rigoberto Castillo had allegedly bought and taken crack when he started kicking out and resisting arrest, as the officers tried to cuff him.

It didn’t quite go to plan though. In the video, which depicts a scene that is only missing some Benny Hill music, the arrest soon becomes farcical, as one of the officers tries to Taser Castillo – but accidentally gets his partner.




His partner drops to the floor before managing to scramble up to his feet and eventually the officers successfully manage to stun Castillo so they can carry on with the arrest.

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