Animal Rights Activist ‘Almost Dies’ After Getting Stuck In Slaughter Processing Line

An animal rights activist ‘almost died’ at a slaughterhouse recently as part of a protest that went wrong.



In footage from Direct Action Everywhere, you can see protesters crying out for help after a duck slaughter processing line that they’re chained to begins to move.

The machine starts pulling activist Thomas Chiang’s head and neck into a pole, while someone else can be heard screaming: “We need to stop this right now.”




The group entered at their own risk in protest against the abuse they believe animals face at the farm, and secured themselves to machinery with u-locks. “We have to escalate all of our actions because this is a global crisis we’re under,” Chiang said. However, things took a worrying turn when the conveyor line suddenly started moving.

In the video footage, Chiang’s face looks dangerously red, and you can see him struggling to get out of the lock.




Thankfully, he managed to escape from the lock, before being taken to hospital by an ambulance.

While he was told his injuries will heal, Chiang is still deciding whether or not to file a police report about the incident.

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