Huge Octopus Launches Itself Onto Diver In Sea Of Japan

A diver in the Sea of Japan recently had a bit of a sketchy moment with an octopus – which launched itself onto the unsuspecting human.



In the footage, which was captured near the Gamov Peninsula on 3 June, you can see the huge octopus swim up to the diver and try to sucker itself onto their lower back.




Swimming off a few inches, it then relaunches itself onto their right knee and leg – this time managing to hold on for a little longer.

The creature then tries to attach itself to the diver’s right foot, wrapping its long tentacle around the flipper. Eventually though, after about 30 seconds, it gives up and swims off.




Many octopuses have a range of tactics when it comes to self-defence or fending off would-be attackers. The common octopus’ first line of defence is its ability to camouflage itself and hide in plain sight. An octopus can also release a cloud of black ink to obscure an attacker’s view.

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