Giraffe Tastes Another Giraffe’s Pee, Immediately Regrets It

This is the hilarious moment a giraffe pulls a horrified face after slurping another animal’s pee.



While a fellow giraffe sprays out urine, the curious animal stoops down and bends its characteristically long neck to the jet of liquid in a zoo in Memphis, Tennessee.




After momentarily lapping up the urine, it instantly recoils and swiftly pulls its head back. It then purses its lips and appears to roll its tongue as the bad taste seemingly festers inside its mouth.

But while swallowing another giraffe’s pee may appear a daft way of quenching thirst, it is believed that this is a key part of the species’ mating process.




When a male giraffe is looking to impregnate a female, it brushes her rear end with his nose to prompt urination. And as it starts to pee, the male tastes the urine so it can detect hormones that confirm she is ovulating.

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