Tesla Driver Spotted Fast Asleep During Rush Hour Traffic!

A Tesla driver appearing to be asleep behind the wheel in rush hour traffic in California has been caught on camera—the latest in a growing line of similar incidents.



Video footage shows the vehicle traveling down the freeway in the San Francisco Bay Area.




The white Tesla is seen moving at a steady speed while a man appears to snooze with his head turned towards the driver’s side window. The car is seen cruising under overpasses as various motorist breeze by him.

Tesla vehicles have an autopilot function, which keeps it traveling at an appropriate speed compared to other traffic, and centers the vehicle in its lane. But it also requires the driver to be prepared to take control at a moment’s notice.




The driver in the latest incident has not yet been identified, and it was not immediately clear if the local police department or California Highway Patrol intend to launch an investigation.

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