Bullring volunteer is KILLED by rampaging animal in front of 2,000-strong crowd as it runs back into its pen

This is the horrific moment a bullring volunteer is killed by a rampaging animal in front of 2,000 spectators as it ran back into its pen.



The 60-year-old volunteer – known in Spanish as a ‘torilero’ – was gored through the neck as the beast rounded on him after being released into the ring in Zamora.

Video shows the crowd screaming in horror as the bull tosses the man into the air within the gateway during the opening of the annual ‘Fiestas del Toro’.




The torilero was rushed to the bullring’s infirmary where he died of his catastrophic injuries, sources said he had ‘no chance’ of survival.

The job of a torilero is to open the door to the bullring, goad the bull into the open and distribute the banderillas which are used to stab and taunt the animals. The volunteer was struck several times by the bull and was unconscious when helpers reached him.




The deceased, known as SDR, was a veteran of the Benavente bullring and renowned among bullfighting fans.

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