Judge Uses His Position Of Power To Get Off After Cop Pulls Him Over!

A Lancaster County PA, Judge Dennis E. Reinaker is pulled over for tailgating and honking at an East Lampter Township officer in an unmarked police car.



Dash cam video shows the view from officer Chad Snader’s unmarked police car on April 26. After pulling into a turning late to allow Reinaker to pass, Snader initiates a traffic stop.

“What do you think you’re doing pulling me over?” Judge Reinaker asks Snader. “For blowing my horn?”




Officer Snader instructs Judge Reinaker to return to his vehicle. That’s when Judge Reinaker makes a remark before turning back and returning to his SUV. “You better check the registration on this plate soon, mister,” Reinaker tells the police officer while pointing his finger to the back of his own SUV.

Snader returns to the vehicle then less than a minute later and approaches Reinaker’s window. “Have a good day, judge,” he says without explaining to the judge why he was stopped.




President Judge Dennis E. Reinaker acknowledged he was stopped in April by East Lampeter Township police officer Chad Snader but denied using his judicial position to sway the outcome of the traffic stop in a written statement.

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