Man Attempts Jump Over Lamborghini And Fails Spectacularly

People really will do anything for internet fame these days. Even running straight into the path of one of the fastest cars on the planet isn’t off limits for Armand Akopyan.



The 21-year-old, who is apparently a ‘professional trend setter’ from Brooklyn, New York, was given a Lamborghini for a couple of days as a gift from his friends. Standard gift really, isn’t it?




Most people would make the most of this extravagant present – maybe cruise through town looking all flash, or take a road trip somewhere. But no, Armand had other ideas. He decided to get run over by it.

Ok, that might not have been his initial intention, but that is indeed what happened. Being the bunch of bloody blokes they are, he and his pals decided the most fulfilling way to spend a few days with a super car was to try and jump over it while it’s driving towards you at high speed. I know – makes total sense, doesn’t it?




It could have been much, much worse, but I still bet he’s full of regrets.

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