Wing Chun Fighter Challenges An MMA Fighter & Gets Knocked Out In Seconds

A professional MMA fighter accepted a fight with a Wing Chun stylist in Chengdu. It didn’t last long.



It seems Xu Xiaodong isn’t the only Chinese MMA fighter dealing out embarrassing beat downs to traditional martial arts practitioners.

A video has gone viral of a Chengdu man, who trains in wing chun, challenging fighters from a Sichuan MMA promotion to face him.




“Do you guys want to fight me?” he said, posing in a kung fu stance, in a video posted on Chinese social media platform Douyin.

His request was respectable – he only wanted to test his skills and represent wing chun. Professional fighter Li Jing Hong accepted the man’s challenge.

The ‘fight’ between Li and the Wing Chun fighter lasted exactly one combo. With Li knocking the young challenger unconscious with his first and only punch of the match.




After he went down, the barefoot referee sprawled between both fighters to prevent the traditionalist from taking any more damage.

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