Student Thrown Out Of Class By Teacher For Saying There’s Only Two Genders

A student has claimed he was kicked out of class for saying there are only ‘two genders.’



The 17-year-old pupil who hasn’t been named, secretly filmed his teacher reprimanding him before posting the clip online.

It was then shared thousands of times all over the world, prompting a global debate on transgender rights and free speech.




In the clip, which lasts for three minutes, the teacher explains to the student why he was asked to leave the class after saying his ‘two genders’ proclamation.

He tells the student: ‘You’re entitled to your opinion,’ before the student responds: ‘If I am, then why did you kick me out of class? It’s not very inclusive.’

The teacher then responded: ‘No, I’m sorry, what you were saying is not very inclusive. This is an inclusive school.’




Aberdeenshire Council has weighed in on the debate, insisting the video did not show the full context of the incident, adding that the school’s aim was to ‘support a fairer, inclusive environment for all.’

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