Watch Full Grown Men Jump Over Babies At This Very Bizarre Spanish Festival

The baby jumping festival, meant to drive out the devil, thrills locals from Spain’s Castrillo de Murcia in the country’s north.



Spain’s baby jumping festival has taken place in the small village of Castrillo de Murcia in the country’s north.

Every June, men dressed as devils leap over newborn babies to drive away evil, part of the El Salto del Colacho festival, or El Colacho.




Footage filmed on Sunday (June 23) shows men in traditional costumes hurdling numerous babies lying on mattresses while crowds watch on.

With whips and castanets in hand to drive off spirits, the ‘devils’ dressed in vibrant yellow jump over more than 100 babies before making their way into the town square in pursuit of older children.

Residents also hang white sheets from nearby homes in an attempt to drive away evil spirits.




The tradition has been ongoing since 1620 and some Catholics believe the devils drive away evil.

It is said that the Pope has distanced himself from this rather dangerous-looking religious festival.

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