Nightmare Situation: Amusement Ride Snaps In Half!

A 19-year-old woman has died after a theme park ride broke apart in mid-air and sent passengers falling to the ground.



The teen was at Istiklol amusement park in Uzbekistan when she got on the giant ride which flung thrill-seekers high into the air on a 360-degree swing.




Shocking footage shows ride swinging around but snapping in half before it reached the top, sending the circular section which held the passengers falling down metres and crashing to the ground.

The swing had a metal pendulum arm with a counterweight used to balance the giant open-air platform which held the riders. The passengers appeared to be sitting on the outside of the ride, suggesting the huge structure would have fallen on top of them when it broke.




Uzbek authorities have said the 19-year-old female rider, identified only by her initials MH, was killed though they have not specified if there were injuries to other riders.

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