Man Rescued After Bear Breaks His Spine And Tossed Him In A Cave To Save As A Meal During Hibernation!

(*Warning* Graphic Content) A Russian man who was found in a cave has been described as ‘corpse-like’ after having his back broken by a bear which was saving him to eat later.



The man, who was only identified as Alexander, was discovered by hunting dogs in the country’s remote Tuva region, close to the border with Mongolia.

At first, the hunters thought the body had been mummified by the dry air but soon realised that the man was still alive. Their dogs refused to move on from the cave, causing them to delve deeper inside, where they made the grim, but extremely lucky discovery.




Footage show how Alexander’s face and body had started to decompose after lying in the same position for a month. He had open wounds and blood and dirty all over him. His grey skin was starting to rot away and his eyes looked dull and could hardly open.

Speaking to hospital staff in Russian, he said it had been roughly a month. The man could barely speak or open his eyes and could move his arms slightly.




Brown bears are known to try to bury animals they kill, sometimes waiting for days or weeks before returning to it. It’s thought this is to hide it from other bears while the meat decomposes and ‘ripens’.

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