Undercover Cops Posing As Drug Buyers Arrested By Undercover Cops Posing As Drug Dealers

Gigantic drug raid mistake led to police officers arresting…well, each other.



Turns out undercover cops in Detroit posed as drug dealers to help catch a pair of sellers. However, thanks to a “tiny” mess up, another undercover police group thought they were real drug dealers so they raided the house, which quickly became one of the most embarrassing things the department has ever seen. So much so, that the Police Chief even admitted it. Yes, these dumb dumbs didn’t check in first to see who they were going after.




Authorities stated the undercover officers from the 12th Precinct went undercover with the purpose of pretending to be drug dealers so they would arrest the potential buyers. Two pretend buyers went in the house where the pretend drug dealer officers from Precinct 11 were at. Those officers were there to arrest the buyers.




To sum it up, basically, neither 12 or 11 knew these cops were undercover. So, they began to rampage the place when they arrived and quickly began to yell at each other, which led to fighting like hooligans. And in case you were wondering, yes, they were all wearing body cameras and were able to capture the whole incident.

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