Indignant Bird Rips Off A Building’s Anti-Nesting Strips

A viral video has given whole new meaning to the phrase ‘giving the bird’, as a cheeky cockatoo is caught throwing anti-bird spikes onto the ground.



Isaac Sherring-Tito was walking down the main street of Katoomba, NSW, when he saw pieces of plastic falling from above.

When he looked up, he found a cockatoo picking up small pieces of the spiking, then dropping it onto the pavement below.




The clever cockatoo is seen making his way along the ledge, picking up and dropping each section so he can proceed along the window ledge.

The video shows a sea of failed bird spikes scattered along the pavement.




One viewer wrote: ‘That’s why it’s called ”giving the bird” lol,’ while another said ‘Birds are so smart and I love them.’

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