Fisherman Reaches Down To Pick Up Fish, Barely Escapes An Alligator

One moment you’re a predator, and the next moment, you’re nearly prey.



A Florida man nearly got his arm bit by an alligator while fishing in the Everglades National Park, according to a video posted on Instagram.

The Instagram user, known as BBQBassBros, posted the video of the close-call experience in May.




The angler reeled in a fish and was momentarily distracted as he reached down to pick up his catch, according to the video.

It was in that moment a hidden alligator revealed himself and attacked the fisherman.

The fisherman was able to jump away with his catch and all of his limbs intact before the gator could make contact.




Gator incidents aren’t uncommon in Florida and according to the Florida Wildlife Commission, nine alligator bites were reported in the state during 2018.

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