Do Not Get Too Close To An Elephant — They Will Wreck You

A tour group in Zambia got up close and personal with an elephant, and the elephant decided it had had enough when one woman in the group attempted to take a picture.



A group of American tourists were in Zambia getting an up close and personal experience with the majestic animal.

Video show the elephant, which is behind a small barrier, reaching over with its trunk to engage with the group. It moves its trunk along the line slowly as the young tourists pet the trunk of the great beast.




One woman is then seen to be cheerfully taking a snap of the unforgettable holiday moment. However, little did she know that the elephant was gearing up for a vicious strike.

It slowly draws its trunk back towards its body, before unleashing a rapid fire blow right to the face of the camera-wielding woman. The force of the trunk’s power is obvious as the woman is sent into the arms of a man standing behind her with great force.




The video then shows the elephant reach out with its trunk to try and collect the phone, prompting screams from one onlooker. The phone was picked up by the person taking the video.